Well, Hello There! Cooking in a Pandemic EraListen now (8 min) | Dear Reader, When I founded The Refined Cook a few years ago, my mission was to teach healthy and gourmet cooking to promote a slow and sustainable lifestyle. Slow was an important operative word. I’ve understood the value of slowing down since I quit a hect…
Thanksgiving AddressListen now (9 min) | Words That Come Before All Else
Love the LeavesListen now | 5 Reasons to Love Leaves
Superpowers of the Garden (part 2)Listen now | The Phenomenal Abilities of Plants and Trees
Superpowers of the GardenListen now | Building a New Kind of Garden
Kitchen Dangerous (part 5): First Aid for CutsListen now (9 min) | #GeekingOutSeries/Safety/KitchenDangerous/5 This post is part of the Geeking Out series which presents data-driven information on …
Waters of MarchListen now | Here’s a perfect Spring song!  Marlene performs this Jobim classic. Youtube link: https://youtu.be/5YYLsoYZlGg
Kitchen Dangerous (part 4): Knives and Other Sharp ThingsListen now (13 min) | Knife Safety Guidelines
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